The Square Root Podcast :: Episode 1 :: “Adopt A Star Today!”

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Twitter:@squarerootnerd @wbrianlane @kyleblaneplays
Let’s Code Phisics:
Kyle Blane Plays:

Time Stamps/Links:

1:15 – Personal Introductions

7:18 – Brian speaking at the American Association of Physics Teachers is Sacramento

9:12 – Nintendo NX

16:57 – Wheel of Time TV Show

25:17 – Hulu and YouTube want to provide live television

29:47 – Creative method for selecting Dominion decks

34:28 – Watching YouTube more than traditional media

45:49 – The evolution of game genres and the popularity shift over time / Comparing Overwatch, Battleborn and Paladins

1:01 – How big is 100 billion?

Other Links:

Billion/Trillion Numberphile Video:
Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling (Warning:Language and suggestive themes.):


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